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Below is a bunch of illustrated web pages I've written in 1997-2008. Those from the 1990-s are badly outdated in both design and content, but I don't have time to update them and re-scan my old slides. More recent pages look more decent, but could also use some updating. The main reason I keep them online is that a lot of websites have links to them, and peo e still find them useful, judging by the number of requests for photos and comments I get. Here is the list of places I've been to. My photo gallery can be seen here. Many pictures taken from 2009 onwards have been co-authored with Anastasia Tsvietkova. All rights reserved. Please contact me for any commercial or editorial use of the images. My page on Instagram; my blog on Wordpress.

Lava lake in Nyiragongo Volcano, Congo-Zaire.
Chukotka and
the Russian Far East
The Philippines
Rainy season
in Malaysia

butterfly poachers
of Puerto Rico
How I bought a species
Rodents of the Plains Saw-whet owls Turtles of Oaxaca Florida Wild Cats Rainbows
Deserts Weather Fall Colors Marine mammals Caves Mud Volcanoes
Alaska and Yukon Western USA Eastern USA California Quest for Aplodontia Bighorn sheep of America
Prairie-chicken and sage grouse Ball lighting Madagascar Gorillas in the sun Baby jackrabbits Around the Scotia Sea
Trinidad Volcanic eruptions Hitchhiking the Kolyma Highway Pakistan India China
Swimming in rainforest rivers Caucasus on fire Driving through Mexico Coon Air Mongolia Darien
East Africa Japan Mount Roraima Old New Mexico Mount Goverla Crocodilians
The Andes Britain Panama City Very Large Array The Parthenon in Nashville Chukchi Art