5. Happily ever after

"He has not forgotten the Master Word!" said Baloo, with a chuckle of pride.
R. Kipling. Kaa's Hunting.

There was nothing to worry about. In Nairobi I got an excited email from Mary: she had just come back after taking her first group of tourists to the park.

Three months later she moved to Tana, and now works for a large company. It's a very high-paid job by local standards. Of course, she can't get a visa to the US, but we'll probably be able to meet on Madagascar or somewhere in Africa next year.

The country is moving forward. Roads are being paved; the president tries to introduce mandatory education; deposits of oil, nickel and diamonds have been found on Haut Plateaux.

New species of plants and animals keep being discovered. One gecko on my photos might be a new species, too. I'll try to find it again next time I get there.

Map of Madagascar (modified from http://perso.wanadoo.fr). National parks and Nature reserves marked by green circles. By 2005, roads Antalaha-Sambava-Vohemar, Diego Suarez-Ambilobe, and parts of the road Antsirabe-Morondava were also paved.

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