Curriculum Vitae

Phone (+82) 80-1155-7343. Email dinets@gmail.com, website dinets.info. US Citizen.



Behavior, ecology and evolution. More specifically, evolution of complex animal behavior, applications of behavioral ecology to conservation, tropical biology, vertebrate zoology, and zoogeography.



2011 Ph.D (Biology), University of Miami, USA. Advisor Steven Green.
Dissertation The role of habitat in crocodilian communication. Abstract, PDF.

1991 M.Sc. (Biological Engineering), Moscow State Technical University, Russia. This was a 5-year program with no separate B.Sc. degree. Thesis New methods of acoustical studies on Orthoptera.



2017-present. Science and Technology Associate, Okinawa Institute or Science and Technology.

Studies of behavioral ecology and conservation.

2011-present. Research Assistant Professor, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, Dept. of Psychology.
Studies of behavioral ecology and evolution of complex behavior.

2012-2013 - Research Associate, Louisiana State University, School of Renewable Natural Resources.
Research on crane behavior and ecology; work on a whooping crane reintroduction project, including remote tracking, landowner education, public outreach; herpetological surveys.

2004-2005 - Research Technician, University of New Mexico, Department of Biology.
Research on small mammal ecology and zoonotic diseases (hantaviruses, plague, bartonella); maintaining databases, developing research protocols, training field technicians.

2003-2004 - Research Assistant, University of Colorado, Boulder, Department of Evolutionary Biology and Ecology.
Field research on small mammals, zoonotic diseases (mostly plague), and grassland ecosystems.

1994-2003 - Senior Expert, Actual Biology Fund, Moscow, Russia.
Research on endangered species and their captive breeding, zoological surveys, scientific editing, consulting government agencies and assisting environmental law enforcement.

1991-1992 - Researcher, Institute of Global Climate and Ecology, Moscow, Russia.
Monitoring the ecological status of freshwater ecosystems.



2018 Japan Society for the Promotion of Science: KAKENHI Grant for Early-Career Scientists (solo PI), $38,000, for the project Solving the mystery of Ross’s gull migration.

2013 Copeia: Best Paper by Young Scholar Award, for the paper Long-distance signaling in Crocodylia.

2013 Publishers Weekly: Gold Star for books on science, for the book Dragon Songs.

2008 University of Miami: Tropical Biology Fellowship (annual stipend) for the study Crocodilian social behavior.

2007 Sigma Xi: Research Grant (solo PI) for the study Crocodilian social behavior.

1996 Russian Academy of Natural Sciences: Grant for Advanced Biology and Conservation Research (solo PI), $8,000, for conservation work in Siberia.

1993 Russian Academy of Sciences: Vavilov Grant for Young Researchers (solo PI), for European mink research.



2005-2011 -University of Miami, Coral Gables, Florida.
Teaching General Biology Lab and Evolution & Biodiversity Lab.

2010, 2012-2014 Moscow School for Gifted Children, Russia.
Teaching workshops on behavioral ecology, field research methods and other subjects.

1994-2003 - Actual Biology Fund, Moscow, Russia
Developing study programs for nature reserve employees and extracurricular school biology classes.

1995 - Parque Nacional Manu, Cuzco Province, Peru
Teaching ecology, zoology and research techniques to park rangers and volunteers.

1989-1990 - Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia.
Teaching advanced biology to pre-University students in Junior Biologist Club; leading field trips.



Editorial board member: Behavior, Journal of Animal Sentience, Psychology & Cognitive Science, Scientific Reports.

Reviewing for journals: African Journal of Ecology, Ecography, Integrative Zoology, Israel Journal of Ecology and Evolution, Journal of Mammalogy, Mammalia, Small Carnivore Conservation, Zoology, Zoology in the Middle East.

Reviewing grant applications for Animal Behavior Society and National Geographic Society.

Symposium organizing: Co-chairing Social Behavior in Reptiles symposium at 2016 meeting of American Society of Ichthyologists and Herpetologists.

Mentoring student research: co-mentored David Rhind (Ph.D. program, Monash University, Melbourne).

Consulting: BBC, CBC, CNN, Discovery Channel, National Geographic TV Channel.

Expert support: Assessor and editor of numerous species accounts in IUCN Red List; expert witness at trials of illegal wildlife traders in Russia (1996) and Sikkim (1999).



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2018 seminar, Monash University (Biology Dept.)

2017 seminar, Princeton University (Dept. of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology)

2016 invited talk, American Society of Ichthyologists and Herpetologists Conference

2016 invited talk, Learning from the Wild seminar (organized by Animal Concepts, UK)

2016 webinar, US Fish & Wildlife Service

2016 invited talk, Animal Play workshop (organized by Chicago Zool. Society)

2015 seminar, University of California, Davis (Dept. of Evolution and Ecology)

2015 talk, American Behavior Society Conference (with P. Samaš, R. Croston, T. Grim, M.  Hauber)

2015 seminar, City University of New York2014 talk, American Society of Ichthyologists and Herpetologists Conference

2014 seminar, University of California, Davis (Dept. of Evolution and Ecology)

2014 invited talk, IUCN Crocodile Specialist Group Conference

2014 invited talk, Science of Animal Thinking and Emotion Conference

2014 talk, American Crane Workshop (with S. Zimorski, T. Perkins & S. King)

2014 Ask Me Anything session on Reddit Science

2013 seminar, Harvard University (Dept. of Organismal and Evolutionary Biology)

2013 talk, Animal Behavioral Society Conference

2012 seminar, Louisiana State University (School of Renewable Natural Resources)

2012 seminar, Cornell Lab of Ornithology

2011 seminar, University of Tennessee, Knoxville (Psychology Dept.)

2011 seminar, University of Massachusetts, Amherst (Biology Dept.)

2011 talk, Indiana University Animal Behavior Conference

2011 talk, University of Florida Herpetology Conference

2004 seminar, Islamic University of Peshawar, Pakistan

1998 seminar, University of California, Berkeley (Integrative Biology Dept.)



Crocodilian behavior: CBS News, CNN International, Daily Mail, Daily Science Journal, Discovery News, IOL SciTech, National Geographic, more National Geographic, Huffington Post, Oxford Press, Reddit Science, Reuters, Science/AAAS News, Science Daily, Science Recorder, Science World Report, Sci-News, Smithsonian Magazine, Tetrapod Zoology, The Telegraph,  The Conservation, Voice of America, Washington Post, Wired, BBC, CBC, Discovery Channel, The Colbert Report, IFLS.

Whooping cranes: BBC Nature, LaCrosse Tribune, Louisiana Conservationist Magazine, National Geographic Russia, Bird Channel, Science Daily.

Animal play: Daily Mail, Discovery Magazine.

Invasive brood parasites: Nature World News, The Wildlife Society, Scientific American, Science Daily, Audubon, Biosphere.

Coordinated hunting in snakes: CNN, National Geographic, Time, Science Times, Gizmodo, New Atlas.

Frogs and bats: Nature World News, Digital Journal, onEarth, Bioengineering.org

Hunting instinct in humans: Hindustan Times, Science Daily, Business Standard.

Striped hyenas in wolf packs: BBC, Discovery News, Washington Post.

Other: Ten places where the wild things are (CNN); search for saola (Around the World, Russia); canid systematics (phys.org), terrestrial behavior of moles (Guam Post), Meet the Scientist (BBC wildlife), Chinese crested tern in Japan (Higashi Nippo).



2005-2011 University of Miami, Coral Gables, Florida.

Teaching General Biology Lab and Evolution & Biodiversity Lab.

2010-2014 (one week per year) Moscow School for Gifted Children, Russia.

Teaching workshops on behavioral ecology, field research methods and other subjects.

1994-2003 Actual Biology Fund, Moscow, Russia.

Developing workshops for nature reserve employees and extracurricular school biology classes.

May 1997 Department of Customs, Katmandu, Nepal.

Teaching a workshop on illegal wildlife trade.

Aug-Sept 1995 Manu National Park, Cuzco Province, Peru.

Teaching ecology, zoology and research techniques to park rangers and volunteers.



2011-2018 WWF Vietnam/WCS. Surveys of endangered wildlife in Vietnam; research on rare ungulates.

2007         Danish Ornithological Society. Organizing and leading an ornithological expedition to northeastern Siberia.

2002-2003 San Francisco Bay Bird Observatory, Alviso, California. Research on coastal birds and vegetation, non-lethal predator control, and epizootics prevention.

2001-2002 Monterey Bay Whalewatch, California. Marine mammal research, mostly on killer whales.

1995-1996 Manu National Park, Peru. Wildlife research, law enforcement, consulting, liaison services.

1993-1994 Hai Bar Nature Reserve, Israel. Research of rare ungulates, carnivores and raptors in Negev Desert; reintroduction projects.



Bird Banding and Mistnetting (Louisiana State University), 2012-13.

Large Birds Handling and Husbandry (Patuxent National Research Refuge), 2012.

Motorboat Operating and Boating Safety (USGS), 2012.

ATV Driving (ATV Safety Institute), 2012.

First Aid and CPR 1998, Wilderness First Aid (Red Cross), 2012.

SCUBA Diving Open Water (NAUI), 1997; Advanced (PADI), 2008.

Effective Teaching (University of Miami), 2007.

Large Animals Handling and Care (Nairobi National Park, Kenya), 2005.

Field Anesthesia of Animals (University of New Mexico), 2004.

Animal Handling; Biohazardous Materials Handling (University of Colorado), 2003.

Professional knowledge of GIS, graphic software, scientific drawing and nature photography. Plant and animal photos have been featured in Nature journal, National Geographic magazine, Handbook of Mammals of the World, etc.


American Ornithological Union, American Society of Mammalogists, American Society of Ichthyologists & Herpetologists, Animal Behavior Society, Sigma Xi.



English fluent, Russian native, Spanish spoken, Ukrainian spoken, French in progress.



Dr. George Archibald, McArthur Fellow, Co-founder, International Crane Foundation, george at savingcranes.org, (608)356-3454.

Dr. Gordon Burghardt, Professor, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, gburghar at utk.edu, (865)974-3300.

Dr. Carl Gerhardt, Curators' Professor of Biological Sciences, University of Missouri, Columbia, gerhardth at missouri.edu, (573)882-7219.

Dr. Steven Green, Professor, University of Miami, steven.green at miami.edu, (305)284-4272.

Dr. Mark E. Hauber, Professor, University of Illinois, mhauber@illinois.edu, (217) 300-7127.